Midlife crisis could be in our DNA say some scientists

Is a midlife crisis in our DNA? This story says some scientists believe it could be true, after studying chimps and orangutans. Years ago, jeff noel founded Mid Life Celebration to address what he believes is an under rated, and very real, rite of passage – from selfishness to selflessness. It takes decades (usually) to […]

Like Many People, jeff noel Loves Quotes, But Uses Them Sparingly

St Augustine, Florida lighthouse shadow, May 26, 2011. Our character is a directional beacon (or not). Who doesn’t love quotes. But what jeff noel has discerned is eventually we ought to start saying what we believe, in our own words. It forces us to understand the quote even more. Here’s one worth sharing: Your genuine […]

People Think Twitter Is An Amazing Marketing Tool

Yesterday, listening to a 20-something (I think) share advice on Small Business Marketing, she said Twitter is great because so many people can instantly get your message. (smile/grin) Rubbish. The people who think they know Twitter are the ones who don’t. Twitter can be powerful. Just like diet & exercise can be powerful. Or reading […]

Daily Whisper From Social Media

The world is passing us by, as we strive to climb the corporate ladder and keep up with the Jones. And it impacts children – Nature Deficit Disorder: There will never be a time when things will be just right, and you can start to live the way you’ve always intended.

jeff noel Reveals Secret

Orlando based, world-class Keynote Speaker, jeff noel, reveals the secret that what most self-help books don’t stress. You must have a purpose – a clear, concise and compelling vision. Something you are on fire for, and when achieved, will make the world a better place. It’s a purpose so significant, it can make you cry […]

To Get Someone’s Attention…

…….Whisper This video “whispers” to every United States Citizen, the untold story behind our Country’s National Anthem. As you go through the motions of your daily life, you are responsible for your inspiration to make a difference. As you decide whether or not to click away – and sure, the video is 9-minutes long – […]