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Beginner's Luck Runs In My Family & So Does Hard Work
Beginner’s Luck Runs In My Family & So Does Hard Work


For maximum Blog SEO, there is one blogging tip above all others, that will generate Google front page and Yahoo front page results.


A lot.

Every day if you have the passion to do work that matters.

Be patient.

And you will eventually reap what you sow.

The long way is the short cut.

Good luck trying to do it without working long and hard.

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By jeff noel

Currently as a Husband for 33 years, a Father for 16, and a professional speaker for 18, I began writing 5 daily, and different, blogs on April Fools Day, 2009. Back then, it was simply a 100-day challenge to deliver on a promise I made to myself as a College Junior in 1979 - write a book about Life, for my children. Who would have thought it would take 30 years to get started?


  1. I can definitely vouch for this.
    Since my posts have dropped off significantly, there’s been a change in the dynamic of the Google search results.
    Even when I was posting with no substantial content, I still maintained a pretty prominent position in the results.
    Its priority has dropped for me, at least at this time, but I’ll address it again when the time comes.
    In the meantime, I’ll just keep up with some blogs. 🙂

  2. Craig, Rome wasn’t built overnight.
    A mighty oak takes 60 to 100 years.
    The key in both of those cases, and the lesson we can use, is that in both cases, they never lost sight of their vision.

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