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Don’t die with a book in you

Last last week… picking out a new phone case… (see the one on top of his head?)

self awareness

Life throws hints our way all the time…

self knowledge

No more thorough way to discover who you are than by writing.

The Blog Whisperer is really just an ordinary guy, jeff noel, trying to leave a trail for his young son, who just so happened to start 6th grade today.

(which begs the question before you click away… what are you trying to do with your life?)

April Fool’s Day 2009, began the 100-day challenge to write all five different blogs – about Life’s Big Choices.

To this day – 1,237 days later – it hasn’t stopped.

The journey to discover ourselves happens by design or by default.

I finally decided to quit lying to myself. That in and of itself was ground-breaking.

Blogging Tips

Ten Blogging Resource Websites For 2012

Blogging resources to help you with your goals.

There are many places to learn about blogging. Hubspot shared these top ten blogging resources yesterday on their Facebook Fan page.

Blogging Tips

Blogging Empowers People

Life is not a spectator sport.

Blogging empowers people and helps them know they are not alone, the same
way music does.

Blogging Tips

Blog World Expo Los Angeles, November 3-5, 2011

Blog World 2011? No. Disney World 2011! October Food & Wine Festival

The Blog World Expo is about to happen in LA. It was a choice between competing in the 25th annual Huntsman World Senior Games or going to Blog World 2011.

Blogging Tips

Blog SEO Tips

Beginner's Luck Runs In My Family & So Does Hard Work
Beginner’s Luck Runs In My Family & So Does Hard Work


For maximum Blog SEO, there is one blogging tip above all others, that will generate Google front page and Yahoo front page results.


A lot.

Every day if you have the passion to do work that matters.

Be patient.

And you will eventually reap what you sow.

The long way is the short cut.

Good luck trying to do it without working long and hard.

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