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Whispering Each Morning, "Live, Before You Die"
Whispering Each Morning, "Live, Before You Die"

Authenticity is the new currency.

And we must become the change we wish to see in others.

And ultimately, the clock is ticking.

You can get a daily dose of Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ.

As The Blog Whisperer, The Internet’s Only Five-a-Day Blogger you can ponder life’s five big buckets.

You’ll be done, usually, in less than three minutes.

And you can start right here, right now.

Hello world, it’s me!

Hello everyone. I’ve been an avid blogger since April Fool’s day, 2009. And when I say avid, I mean Five-a-Day, everyday. For nearly 18 months.

Prior to that I simply owned domain names and dabbled here and there, intermittently.

But, this Halloween, I’ll reach the 3,000th blog post milestone.

How scary is that?