Why would you settle when it’s not necessary?

Why would you settle when it’s not necessary?

The only limitations you have are those we impose upon yourself.

Struggling to become more creative and innovative?

Challenged to create a vibrant creativity and innovation culture where at least 80% of your leaders are rated by employees as very good or excellent at creating a risk-taking culture?

Challenged to create a vibrant risk-taking culture where at least 51% of your leaders are rated by employees as excellent at encouraging and supporting world-class creativity and innovation?

Do you have a personal conviction that good and very good aren’t good enough?

Do you understand the dramatic difference between an excellent idea-generating culture’s ability to get excellent results, a very good idea-generating culture getting very good results and a good culture getting good results?

Can you articulate the difference between a good idea-generating culture and an excellent idea-generating culture; and the difference between a very good culture and an excellent culture?

If you can, and i’m assuming you can, why would you settle?

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By jeff noel

Currently as a Husband for 33 years, a Father for 16, and a professional speaker for 18, I began writing 5 daily, and different, blogs on April Fools Day, 2009. Back then, it was simply a 100-day challenge to deliver on a promise I made to myself as a College Junior in 1979 - write a book about Life, for my children. Who would have thought it would take 30 years to get started?