To Get Someone’s Attention…


This video “whispers” to every United States Citizen, the untold story behind our Country’s National Anthem.

As you go through the motions of your daily life, you are responsible for your inspiration to make a difference.

As you decide whether or not to click away – and sure, the video is 9-minutes long – remember, not everything is easy.

We get in direct proportion to what we invest. The long way is the short cut.

By jeff noel

Currently as a Husband for 33 years, a Father for 16, and a professional speaker for 18, I began writing 5 daily, and different, blogs on April Fools Day, 2009. Back then, it was simply a 100-day challenge to deliver on a promise I made to myself as a College Junior in 1979 - write a book about Life, for my children. Who would have thought it would take 30 years to get started?