The Internet's Only One

He Exclaimed, “You Have 9 Websites?”

Can anyone place this highly visible Walt Disney World landmark?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have lunch with our 4th-grade son at school. Ashamed to admit this is a welcome privilege for any parent, any day.

What’s my excuse for not knowing?

Like any busy (parent) professional speaker, traveling for a living, managing time is challenging. Even primitive hunters long ago would be away from their children too often.

Anyway, everyone at school knows I work full-time at Disney World. Our son’s teacher even works there part-time. Not many know about the small-business entrepreneurial startup I founded 30 months ago.

So when I get there, our son’s friend exclaimed, “You have 9 websites?”

It was an unusual welcome. So smiling, and thinking for a moment, I said, “Um, I think there are 10. Five main blogs and five secondary blogs”.

Later that day, just to be sure, I counted to verify. Yep. Ten.

I don’t write about Disney or represent Disney in any way in my blogs, but it sure looks like I have the same creative and entrepreneurial spirit as Walt Disney.

Try many approaches, experiment. Work it, and work it hard.

My son says I’m famous.

I’ll take that.

The Blog Whisperer has his moments.

The Internet's Only One

Who Cares About The Blog Whisperer?

Yep, that’s me at Monday’s Cub Scout meeting in our Church’s social hall….

Who cares if you’re The Internet’s Only Five-a-Day Blogger?


No one cares.

Except for about 3%.

Three percent of humanity are predisposed to want something larger than the status quo.

Status quo is easy, which is why so many belong to it. All you have to do is, well, nothing.

To be in the 3%, it really comes down to how bad do you want to do work that matters.

Not how bad do you want to work.

But how bad do you want to do work that matters.

Nothing more, really.

Well, maybe a gutsy belief that life can be approached in the common sense way we all know, but rarely do.

As The Blog Whisperer, I write 5 daily, differently-themed blogs: Mind, Body, Spirit, Money (career), and HQ (daily administrative stuff – the paperwork of life).

Here at The Blog Whisperer, I reserve the right to write long posts. As the Internet’s Only Five-a-Day Blogger though, the commitment is short and pithy posts.

Everyday. Short & pithy. All five can be read in 2 to 2.5 minutes. With easy, quick hyperlinks to cruise seamlessly from one to the next blog.

In fact, each blog post ends with “Next Blog“. The word Blog is bolded & hyperlinked. If you want, you can try it now to go directly to Mid Life Celebration to get started…Next Blog