The Clock Is Ticking

Dance Like Tonight’s Your Last Night To Live

Don’t you love mixing things up? Ok, so I’m assuming you have a basic understanding of how routines can be good and routines can be bad. This is what makes life hard, telling the difference, or knowing when to switch gears.

Most times, change is placed upon us. Other times, we make it happen on purpose.

Small, medium, big. Doesn’t matter as much as the act of initiating change. Purposeful, thoughtful change. That’s the ticket.

But alas, we get so sucked up in the daily grind.

May I illustrate a simple change that can lead to something remarkable?

The simplest of acts, I changed the radio station in the car to MIX105, from TheZ88.3

One, Contemporary Christian, the other, Mainstream mega-hits. Something pulled on my psyche to change. No ready explanation. Just did it. A week ago.

Heard this song coming home from Gold’s Gym tonight:

You know what happened next?

Immediately, I thought, “Write like tonight’s your last night.”

The implications, the freedom, the audacity, the passion, the potential to bust it wide open….

There is something empowering beyond all empowering in how we’d behave if we knew for certain that we wouldn’t see tomorrow.

By jeff noel

Currently as a Husband for 33 years, a Father for 16, and a professional speaker for 18, I began writing 5 daily, and different, blogs on April Fools Day, 2009.

Back then, it was simply a 100-day challenge to deliver on a promise I made to myself as a College Junior in 1979 - write a book about Life, for my children.

Who would have thought it would take 30 years to get started?