Sooner or later it becomes crystal clear…

Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker
Retired from Disney in 2014 after 30 “Incredible” years.


Sooner or later it becomes crystal clear…

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live like you mean it.

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The reader’s digest version is that i blog prolifically, but not here.

Balance is not a myth and this is why you can find five daily, differently-themed blog posts beginning here.


By jeff noel

Currently as a Husband for 33 years, a Father for 16, and a professional speaker for 18, I began writing 5 daily, and different, blogs on April Fools Day, 2009. Back then, it was simply a 100-day challenge to deliver on a promise I made to myself as a College Junior in 1979 - write a book about Life, for my children. Who would have thought it would take 30 years to get started?